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Our Stats

After all those likes, shares and tweets, and all those generous donations, here’s what it all adds up to, so far...

  • 2,858 Donors
  • 9,15,922 Hope Raised
  • 3 Causes Funded

Recent Causes

Have you heard?

  • Encore blueFROG!

    Monkeys and frogs reunite to make 2014 a more hopeful year for everyone. We love being part of a community of people who are so willing to give their time and money to benefit someone more than six degrees of […]

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  • Calling All Bands to Come Monkey-Around at blueFROG!

    Hey there, artist monkeys! HopeMonkey needs your help. Our next blueFROG gig is coming up this January and we need some socially-conscious bands to donate an evening of their time and talent to support a great cause. This time, we’re […]

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  • Hello! We are looking for a Product Monkey!

    Thank you for stopping by. We aim to make a big dent with a mission to raise funding for some fabulous and meaningful causes like these.  Below are the profile details. Who are we looking for? We are currently looking […]

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Our Cause Enablers

The generous companies that help give our fundraisers the much needed initial push.